Embedding BanyanBoard in Access Controlled Applications

09.01.23 11:17 PM By Shyam

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2023! We closed 2022 with an exciting feature that increased our user base by 100x in 2023 already! This was allowing embedding of BanyanBoard in our customers' access controlled applications. BanyanBoard had always allowed easy embedding of annotated videos in any website in a public view-only mode. However, our customers requested that we enable such embedding in private access controlled applications, so that they could take advantage of BanyanBoard's powerful commenting features. Having BanyanBoard embedded in customers' applications also removes the need for users needing to login to BanyanBoard separately.

This was exactly what we implemented. To enable this integration, BanyanBoard released its first integration API for user creation. This allowed our customer's administrators to create BanyanBoard users quickly. Admins used BanyanBoard's access control UIs to expose certain annotated videos assets and folders in BanyanBoard to these users. Finally, they grabbed a link to a iframe and embedded this in their application. And voila, BanyanBoard is now a part of our customers' applications.

We are skipping through the sticky pieces of user credential management creation and exchange here. This was challenging, but was completed within 2 months, reflecting BanyanBoard's commitment to meet and exceed customer expectations. Our biggest reward was seeing our registered user base jump 100X in January 2023, driven by this integration!