Stats dashboards for broadcasting
Real-time match statistics dashboards for adding to live sports streams
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Top Sports Video Tagging Software

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In the world of sports entertainment, viewers may have observed individuals sitting with laptops in dugouts or stadium booths during games. These individuals, known as analysts, provide necessary information to coaching staff for making tactical choices to win games. A key method used ...

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BanyanBoard: Your Interior Design Partner
BanyanBoard combines video annotation, commenting and digital asset management capabilities,to make the process of sharing designs and collecting feedback much easier for interior designers and their clients.
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Video Review and Approval With Colab
Colab is BanyanBoard's first and most used app today. It is a video review and approval tool and digital asset manager rolled into a single app.
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Introducing Live Interactive Video Summaries of YouTube Streams
This feature allows users to create interactive dashboards and graphics that enable them to click and see the highlights they want from live streaming videos.
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